About me

The shirt comes from Carole Waller of Wood and Waller, one of the creative industries on the West of England Creative Growth scheme, mentored by Pippa.


I have a wealth of experience in people development, leadership and management, mainly in the arts, culture, creative industry, social enterprise and charitable sectors, and also in business planning, managing and leading change, coaching and mentoring.

I worked for Arts Council England until 2018 leading on strategic partnerships in South West England and nationally on rural policy and university partnerships. Before that I was Exec Director Culture SW, Head of Culture for the Government Office SW and Head of the Community Fund SW Region. One of my first jobs was setting up family education for Westminster Women’s Aid, I then went on to develop lasting projects in arts and disability, health and education.

Current Roles

Professional coaching and business mentoring includes Engage, the lead advocacy and training network for museum and gallery education, the School for Social Entrepreneurs and the West of England Creative Industries Growth Programme.

I hold Directorships/advisory positions with Literature Works, Exeter Culture and Exeter UNESCO City of Literature, Estuary Friends ( a health and social care charity and local library ). I chair Wardrobe Theatre Bristol. I am a Quality Assurance Assessor for Arts Council England and on the UK panel of the Queens Award for Voluntary Service.

My expertise


Many years experience including setting up a cultural leadership course, supporting women’s leadership and working with young people to develop their careers and choices. I pioneer different approaches to leadership including personal experience of working in job share and co-leadership roles as a senior executive. My approach is to value qualities like kindness, generosity, trust and collaboration, to help to create better working lives and relate this to personal life.


The arts, culture, creative industries, social enterprise and charitable sectors: working with artists, arts and cultural organisations, libraries and museums on everything from governance, funding, applications, business models and strategy, recruitment, assessment and evaluation. I specialise in working with leaders of networks and small creative businesses.


My track record is in helping to start and build projects and cultural partnerships, facilitating team building and strategic planning. I have worked on many different regional/place based strategies collaborating and bringing people together to create action and change and helping with the practical implementation of ideas.

Pippa’s work is characterised by her commitment, insight, intelligence and, above all, her kindness – an undersung, endlessly valuable quality, which it seems to me is at the heart of who she is and how she works.

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Pippa Warin

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