Support in changing times

We live in uncharted times, bringing challenge and uncertainty for ourselves and the organisations we work with. New voices and leaders from diverse backgrounds are coming to the fore asking different questions. Independent coaching can help to provide support in changing times by developing awareness of ourselves and others, leading to opportunity and action.

My Approach

I work with people on a one to one basis or with small groups, with job sharers and those who are leading in part time roles. I work with people at all levels, especially those who are at a crossroads in their careers and want to build confidence, seek new directions, or balance work with other ambitions/commitments.

Ways of Working

Face to face, on-line, email, phone – whatever is best for trying out ideas and thoughts in a safe space. I am experienced in video coaching. I also value activities such as discussing a book, article, or exhibition or walking and talking outdoors in order to get our thoughts flowing.
I can offer practical help with CV’s, job search and interviews and can arrange job shadowing and opportunities for visits and exchanges through my extensive network, as well as help with the practical tools of leadership and management. I have a very good track record in helping people to get jobs and take on new opportunities


A lot of my experience is with people from the arts and cultural sectors. I also work with people from other sectors who value more interaction with the arts and creativity, and want to explore how this might be integrated and developed in their working lives. I like to use insights from the arts to help with reflection and value different imaginative ways of learning.


I am an A-N Advanced Registered coach: Analytic Network ‘coaching new leaders for the network society’. I am especially interested in team leadership and co-leadership and am actively involved
in research.

My focus is with people who want to change or develop, with emerging leaders, and with the leaders of small creative enterprises and networks, recognising that new ways of working need new approaches to leadership and management. 

Coaching is important to help us ask better questions of ourselves and others, to help us recognise qualities like kindness, generosity, trust and collaboration, to help to create better working lives and work spaces and relate this to personal life.


Over the years I have greatly benefited from Pippa’s approach to coaching and nurturing. Significant changes in my life such as having children resulted in me having to face challenges such as returning from maternity leave and needing to build up my confidence again in the workplace. Pippa guided and coached me through this major transition, enabling me to feel empowered and confident to strike a work/life balance which still enabled me to progress professionally. I very quickly realised that the skills and experience that Pippa displays are exceptional, and it is these qualities of trust, empowerment and respect that have enabled me to thrive.

Nema Hart

Creative Entepreneur

Pippa is a kind, generous and thoughtful mentor whose knowledge of the arts and heritage sector was crucial at a pivotal point in my career. She’s a great listener , and her insight and experience helped me to frame a new vision and approach for the next phase of my professional life. I highly recommend her for anyone looking to generate opportunities in the arts sector, or those looking to move beyond plateaus or limitations within cultural organisations . Not only did I find a job during my time with her – she also helped me to navigate the challenges of my new role, and to develop a vision of how to fulfil my interests and passions through this work.

Daryl Stevoll Wells

Participant on the Extend Leadership course

Pippa has helped me overcome some huge hurdles in working towards my employability goals. On the buildup to a job interview, she helped me with various approaches I could undertake in preparation including some really helpful practice of interview questions, which ultimately resulted in my receiving of a job offer!
We have further worked on how I can build confidence as I take on a post grad degree and subsequently the job market, providing me with some really excellent pointers and contacts in the right direction within the arts and heritage industry.

Oliver Anthony

Digital Humanities Lab, University of Exeter

Pippa has provided me with amazing support and guidance on how to enter the heritage and culture sector. Pippa encouraged me to explore my historical research capabilities within my local community, supporting my efforts to uncover hidden histories of Bristol, resulting in a published article on Jewish History,  which without Pippa’s mentorship I would not have achieved.

Shanie Hagan


We discussed books that had influenced us and this helped us to articulate values and feelings . We were also able to have what we described as ‘ clumsy ‘ conversations, when we were trying out ideas and thoughts in a safe space.

I recognised the importance of nourishing what I was doing already.

Fran Bosom

Participant on the Extend Leadership course


Pippa was my first mentor at a very critical point in my career. She was a patient listener with a fantastic ability to see where changes would be most effective, leading on to concrete action points. The process gave me the support I needed to make the shift I wanted. I now appreciate how much the safe space of mentoring can help in boosting one’s confidence. Pippa is a genuinely caring, supportive and easy to open up to.

I now have a studio and am so happy to be developing my practice as an artist

Darshana Vora

Pippa Warin

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